Our Team

Mike Yang

Mike has been into cycling for 15 years. He got his love for cycling from his dad, who is also a cycling enthusiast. After joining numerous cycling tours in South America, Mike decided to go all out in supporting the cycling community. He has spearheaded successful cycling events in the country while promoting the lifestyle of cycling through this website. He now works on SFMTRA.org, together with his team, to produce engaging content that aims to promote the benefits of cycling.

Rolando Valdez

Rolly shares the same enthusiasm with Mike when it comes to promoting the lifestyle of cycling. The challenge of finding sponsors for each event is difficult, but his love for the game helped him get through. He is in charge of promoting various events and managing sponsors. His articles about cycling hacks are not to be missed!

James Ortiz

James is our lead writer. He covers events, shares insights, and tips on how to prepare your bike for upcoming races. James is our go-to-guy when it comes to the latest gears, trends, and events.