10 Best Cycling Gifts for Her

It can be tough to decide on the perfect gift to give to your female cycling friends.  With so many accessories, gadgets, and articles of clothing it can be overwhelming to decide what to get for that special person.  It is always good to keep in mind the ‘n+1’ rule, as most often cyclists enjoy having two of everything!  However, here is a list of the top 10 best cycling gifts for her to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier.

  1. Campagnolo Corkscrew. This wine corkscrew made by Campagnolo serves important purposes such as opening wine bottles, looking pretty, and being able to fit neatly into a stocking!
  2. Clug Bike Hooks. These sleek discrete bike hooks fit neatly into the wall and floor making storing your bikes easy and functional.  They are simple to install and keep your bikes out of the way especially in tight spaces like apartments and garages.
  3. Chamois Butt’r Her. Chamois cream is always appreciated, and it is a practical gift that you will be happy to have once you begin increasing the riding mileage.
  4. Endura Windchill Head Band. This headband is great for keeping the ears warm during winter rides or runs.  It fits neatly under a helmet and is an awesome stocking stuffer.
  5. Lezyne Micro Saddle Bag.  A great gift for any cyclist to have is a saddle bag to store a spare tube, tools, and a patch kit or CO2 cartridge.  You can also get such items to make it a gift within a gift!
  6. White Chocolate Macadamia Cliff Bars.  Keep your lady friend from getting ‘hangry’ with some cliff bars!  With tons of festive seasonal flavors it will be easy to please her and keep her fueled for the winter training rides.
  7. Personalized Coffee Mug with Coffee.  A simple and easy way to personalize a cycling gift, while playing into her caffeine addiction.  Most cyclists have a passion for coffee, and will love to have a special mug to enjoy it from.
  8. Giro Tessa Gloves.  A simple practical gift that comes in lots of different colors and will fit perfectly in a stocking.  The Tessa glove also comes in a long finger option.
  9. GORE Windstopper Arm and Leg Warmers.  A great gift to keep your cycling friends inspired and well-equipped to brave all the elements.  Arm, leg, and knee warmers available, as well as varying thicknesses and warmth.
  10. Camelbak Magic.  This women’s specific hydration pack from Camelbak has shorter shoulder straps, has a more narrow fit, and comes in different color schemes than the men’s packs.  It is designed for a more ergonomic fit making more comfortable for women to use.

Don’t let shopping for your lady cycling friends be intimidating, there are plenty of women-specific cycling gifts to keep her happy, and make shopping easier for you!